Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

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International Energy Agency (IEA)

International Energy Agency (IEA)
IEA Bioenergy
An international collaborative agreement set up by the International Energy Agency (IEA) to improve international cooperation and information exchange between national bioenergy RD&D; programmes
General Description
Educational Web Site on Biomass and Bioenergy - What is biomass? What is bioenergy?
Other IEA Bioenergy Tasks

Other International Energy Agency (IEA) Programs

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
CADDET (Centres for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies)
GREENTIE (Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange)
ETDE (Energy Technology Data Exchange)
ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme)

Other Greenhouse-Gas and Climate-Change Related Sites

UNFCCC (The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat
IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
IGBP (International Geosphere - Biosphere Programme)
CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center)
Government of Canada Climate Change Website
World Bank - BioCarbon Fund

European Union Energy Research

Energy for the Future - Renewable Sources of Energy
General European Union�s Activities in Energy Research
AGORES, A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Services

Bioenergy Associations & Research Programs

Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN)
BFIN is a gateway to a wealth of biomass feedstock information resources from the U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and other research organizations.
European Biomass Association
The basic aim is the promotion of biomass production and application throughout Europe.
Bioenergy Australia
Established as government-industry forum to foster and facilitate the development of biomass for energy, liquid fuels, and other value added bio-based products.
Denmark: Centre for Biomass Technology
Danish biomass information network of four technological institutes working with biomass. Their job is to promote the utilization of wood, straw and other biofuels for energy purposes as alternatives to traditional fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.
Swedish Bioenergy Association
USA: Department of Energy(DOE): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy(EERE)
A Gateway to hundreds of web sites and thousands of online documents on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Bioenergy Section of the above DOE link.
USA: Biomass Energy Research Association (BERA)
An association of biofuels researchers, companies, and advocates that promotes education and research on renewable biomass energy and waste-to-energy systems.
USA: Biomass Energy information at U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Portal to information on biomass
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) - Bioenergy
New Zealand Bioenergy Association
Established to promote and coordinate the development of a bioenergy industry in New Zealand. The Association provides a central focus point for liaison with Government agencies, the dissemination of information amongst the industry and long-term positioning of bioenergy into New Zealand's energy system.
The Netherlands: Energy Research Centre
ECN Biomass is dedicated to R&D; on the (thermal) conversion of biomass and waste (and coal) into power, heat and secondary (gaseous/liquid) fuels.

Private Sector

Future Energy Solutions
Future Energy Solutions is a leading technical specialist in energy and climate change. It is their aim to evolve the energy market by helping developers, policy makers, and industry meet energy targets. Pressure on industry to meet environmental targets is growing daily. We make sure that the best �energy options� are coupled with astute financial planning.
Alternative Energy Solutions (AES)
AES is a leader in providing biomass solid fuel energy conversion equipment.

Other Bioenergy Related Sites

FAO Forest Energy Forum
Energy Institute "Hrvoje Pozar"
EKONERG holding d.d.
AFDC (Alternative Fuels Data Center)
BRIC (Biomass Resource Information Clearinghouse)

Other Links

European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
Forestry Programme of the FAO
EFI (European Forest Institute)
Scion (New Zealand)
IIASA (International Institute for Applied System Analysis)
Canadian Forests
Australian Greenhouse Office