Greenhouse Gas Balances of
Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

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This bibliography has been compiled by IEA Bioenergy Task XV/25/38 and the BIOMITRE project in an international collaborative effort.

Which kind of work has been included?
This bibliography includes not only literature with reference to "bioenergy" and "greenhouse gases", but also work that deals with greenhouse-gases as they relate to land use (e.g. agriculture, forestry) and land-use change. This expansion seemed appropriate as such publications are seen important and useful for assessing bioenergy systems with regard to their greenhouse gas impacts. In addition, the bibliography includes information on the greenhouse gas implications of some selected fossil-fuel based energy systems in order to enable a comparison with biomass energy systems. Biomass for energy is often produced as a co-product or by-product of conventional wood products, which are also covered by this bibliography.

This collection is the first online edition of the bibliography and is available since February 2002. The first edition was published in February 1996 in printed form and some 200 copies have been distributed. We would like to thank researchers in the countries listed above and in other countries for their help in collecting the information contained in this collection of information. The bibliography can be updated by anybody who likes to contribute articles or documents. Any updates on existing entries, as well as information on reports, documents, papers and datasets not yet included are welcome and can be added either online or by sending information to the following address:

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