BIOmass based Climate Change
MITigation through Renewable Energy Systems

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This first dissemination phase is the "user-phase" of the tool.
BIOMITRE Partners look forward to feedback regarding possible further developments and problems encountered.

BIOMITRE software tool, version 1.0, is distributed for non-commercial use, i.e. exclusively for the purpose of scientific research. Appropriate credit must be given in papers, reports, books, oral presentations, etc.. We ask that copies of such publications be sent to authors of BIOMITRE at the adress below. We request that users of the tool share with us data and model runs. If the tool is modified and further developed we want to be informed so that we can manage the updated "master file". If users intend to use the tool in new projects please inform us, so that we cancoordinate future development of this tool in a productive and organized way.

Use of the model should be acknowledged in publications by making reference to the following publications:
  • J. van Dam, A. Faaij, E. Daugherty, L. Gustavvson, M.A. Elsayed, R.E. Horne, R. Matthews, N.D. Mortimer, B. Schlamadinger, S. Soimakallio, P. Vikman, BIOMITRE (BIOmass based Climate Change MITigation through Renewable Energy Systems) Model; developed by BIOMITRE Partners. Contact E.Daugherty, phone: +43.316.876.1337, e-mail: [email protected].
Neither the authors, nor their respective afflications, assume any responsiblity for damages caused by the model itself, by its use on a computer system, or by application of any model output.

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