Greenhouse Gas Balances of
Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Introduction to Task 38:
Introduction to "Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems" (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
"Answers to ten frequently asked questions about bioenergy, carbon sinks and their role in global climate change" (PDF)
IEA Bioenergy Task Report for 2001-2003 "Task Report 2001-2003" (PDF)

Background Papers:
General Introduction to "The Role of Bioenergy in Greenhouse Gas Mitigation" (PDF)
A position paper prepared by IEA Bioenergy Task 25 "Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems". November 1998
"Accounting system considerations: CO2 emissions from forests, forest products, and land-use change. a Statement from Edmonton." (PDF)
M. Apps, T. Karjalainen, G. Marland, and B. Schlamadinger. July 1997.
"Project-based greenhouse gas accounting: guiding principles with focus on baselines." (PDF)
L. Gustavsson, T. Karjalainen, G. Marland, I. Savolainen, B. Schlamadinger, and M. Apps. December 1998

New Releases:
Sustainability of Bioenergy
Joint IEA Bioenergy Task29/38/40 Expert Consultation, Dubrovnik, 25-26 October, 2007 and Task 38 workshop on direct and indirect land use change, Helsinki 30 March-1 April 2009
Energy- and greenhouse gas-based LCA of biofuel and bioenergy systems: Key issues, ranges and recommendations.
Francesco Cherubini et. al, Elsevier, June 2009
IEA Bioenergy Task38: Ten Years of Analysing the Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems.
N. Bird et al., July 2009.
Incorporating changes in albedo in estimating the climate mitigating benefits of bioenergy projects
N. Bird, S. Woess-Gallasch
Bioenergy: the relationship with Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture and Forestry
N. Bird et al
Special Issue: Efficient Use of Biomass for Mitigating Climate Change
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for global Change, Vol. 11, Nos. 5-6, September-November 2006
T 38 and 40 Brochure on Bioenergy Trade
B. Schlamadinger, A. Faaij, M. Junginger, S. Woess-Gallasch and E. Daugherty
T38 Soil Carbon Brochure
Annette Cowie
Options for Trading Bioenergy Products and Services (PDF), In: IEA Bioenergy Annual Report 2005
B. Schlamadinger, A. Faaij, M. Junginger, S. Woess-Gallasch and E. Daugherty
Key terms used in greenhouse gas reporting and accounting for the land use, land use change and forestry sector (PDF)
A. Cowie, K. Pingoud, K. Robertson, B. Schlamadinger, and other experts participating in IEA Bioenergy Task 38
Paris Biomass Conference (Paper & Poster):
Paper: "Optimizing the Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Bioenergy Systems" (PDF)
Poster: "Optimizing the Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Bioenergy Systems" (PDF)
GHG Emissions for Fertiliser Production:
"A Review of Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Fertiliser Production" (PDF)
BIOMITRE Software Tool Introduction: (presented in Rome at World Conference of Biomass 2004
"Development of standard tool for evaluating greenhouse gas balances and cost effectiveness of biomass energy technologies" (PDF)
Trading: (presented in Rome at World Conference of Biomass 2004
"Should we trade biomass, electricity , renewable certificates, or CO2 credits?" (PDF)
Clean Development Mechanism: (presented in Rome at World Conference of Biomass 2004
"Bioenergy and the Clean Development Mechanism" (PDF)
Harvested Wood Products in GHG Inventories:
Approaches for inclusion of harvested wood products in future GHG inventories under the UNFCCC, and their consistency with the overall UNFCCC inventory reporting framework (PDF)

Case Studies: Short interesting Case Studies worldwide showcasing bioenergy technologies and innovative ways to reduce GHG emissions.
Online Bibliography: Simple Key-Word search throughpublications relevant to GHG Balance and Bioenergy Methology, Mitigation, Modeling, Assessments,...
Background: List of Abstracts from key publications concerning GHG of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems.
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